Rings Jacks Issue?

So I’ve had my new baby for a bit now with little time to play with it, but I’ve been having a fairly consistent, inconsistent problem with it. It seems the jacks for the V/Oct and In are shorting. Sometimes I can just plug something into either one of these and it works fine, then suddenly it stops producing any noise. If I unplug and plug in only part of the way, it may produce sound again, but plugging all the way in again won’t. I really have to fiddle with the plugging in for a while, then it will suddenly work again. Until I then try plugging something in elsewhere in my rack. All the while, the polyphony LED is blinking as if it should be producing sound, but there won’t be any sound. Something plugged into Strum doesn’t seem to affect it - strum seems to work fine, but the instant something gets plugged into V/Oct or In, the strum trigger that excites the internal processor stops working - but there’s no sound from the V/Oct or In. I’ve also used a number of different cables that work fine with all my other modules, and have the same issue.

This should be from the latest batch as Juno was out for a long time and finally got some into stock.

Has anyone else seen this kind of thing or am I just dumb?

You might need to re-read the Making the right connection section of the manual to understand the function of each input jack.

As long as you patch a jack into the IN jack, the internal exciter is disabled, and it’s your job to provide an excitation signal that follows the note changes and triggers sent to STRUM and V/O

I have sometime the same behaviour and I thought it was me being dumb in modular patching…I will test again and see if there is a problem still like that…
@pichenettes I might have t send it as well then…
I bought it from schneider in Berlin in march.