Rings inputs


Hi, I am using Rings with 3 inputs. For the In, I am using a patch from an Intellijel Audio In/Out. This works beautifully when I use it on its own, likewise the Strum on its own with a trigger - clock output. When both are patched I only get the In - nothing from the Strum input. The V/Oct works v well with either.
Any suggestions please.?


Sounds like the intended operation. From the manual:

"Because it might not always be possible to get these three signals in your setup, Rings makes the following assumptions:

“First, if nothing is patched in the IN audio input, the module will synthesize an excitation signal whenever a note is strummed. This excitation signal is either a low-pass filtered pulse, or a burst of noise depending on the resonator type.”


With a signal patched to in, a signal in strum generates information to switch to a new string. In poly mode, this will greate overlapping notes, in mono mode, you will get a sharp transient as the old string is muted and the new string is plucked.


Thanks to you both. I’ll re-read manual and try mono and poly mode.