Rings : incorrect behavior with external input in mode II?


Here’s how to reproduce :

Rings in second mode (“sitar” mode). Structure knob to 9 o’clock, so it resonates to the octave below the played note. Max polyphony (red light).
Use the external input, in my case with a noise source. Short trigger in Strum input.
Now change the polyphony, to either 1 or 2 voices : the pitch of the resonating string changes to one fifth below. (and it’s really hard to find a sweet spot to catch an octave).

Thanks !


I’ve just tried this, there is an audible difference but as the polyphony increases, the amount of harmonics per voice is reduced so I wonder if when you switch to the green mono mode, you’re hearing a bunch more harmonics resonating which will obviously make a more complex tone?


Thanks, but the behavior is totally different (more like I would expect) when using the internal impulse. With the internal impulse, changing polyphony does make the sound quality/complexity change, but not the pitch of the resonating “string”.
The problem seems related to external input only.