Rings : How to get the best playable pitch range?

I’m using an Expert Sleepers FH-2 to drive my Rings.
The CV output I’m using is 0-10V (but can be set to -5V/+5V) and I’m playing it with a MIDI keyboard.

I identify several factors, some of which are undocumented :

  • the position of the Frequency knob
  • the voltage range of the V/Oct input (undocumented ?)
  • the output range of the FH-2
  • the “global transpose” setting of the FH-2

I’m trying to find the best combination of these parameters to get the biggest playing range possible.
I found that Rings hit a “top note” in the high frequencies under certain circonstances : with frequency set to 11 o’clock, the highest pitch possible seems to be G7 (around 3100 Hz), which is totally ok.
In the best case, I’d love it to respond in a way it plays accordingly to the MIDI not numbers.

Thanks for any help !

The range of Rings’ V/O input is -1.5V to +5.5V.

So your best bet is to configure the FH-2 to -5V/+5V, set the FREQUENCY knob to the lowest position where it produces a C, and mess with the global transpose setting of the FH-2 to align it with the MIDI note (if this global transpose setting is per octave); or set FREQUENCY to the minimum and adjust the global transpose setting (if it’s per semitone).

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Thanks for the help !