Rings - hard panned - why?

I am quite curious if anyone has insight as to why the stereo imaging of the Odd and Even outputs of Rings are panned so drastically to the left and right of the stereo image when in duo/quadriphonic modes. Even when using the module in the monophonic setting, the output seems to be skewed more to the left.

This is not a critique nor complaint - merely interested. I’ve been reading up on LCR mixing with great interest, and as I have what is essentially a two voice system (Rings/Plaits, with Clouds adding its textures), the hard panning suits my needs - Plaits up the middle and Rings spread hard left and right.

Simple answer: they are not panned at all, hard or soft.

Stereo imaging, left, right, LCR mixing are all irrelevant words here, and in fact, the manual does not mention these words. The manual mentions “monophonic” indeed, but as the opposite of “polyphonic”, not as the opposite of “stereo” – number of simultaneous notes, not speakers.

In fact, the panel clearly labels these as ODD and EVEN.

Feel free to mix, pan, process them however you want. They will be hard-panned, only if you (lazily) patch one to the left channel, the other to the right channel.


Thanks for the input!