Rings freezing

Hi all,

Anyone ever had or know why rings would freeze at times? It’s always when in use receiving triggers, the unit just stops responding, both leds lit, but button presses do nothing. A power cycle seems to reset it and get it working again.


Do you also have something patched in the V/O input?

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yes i possibly have had, when this has happened.

Any audio-rate modulations going on? I’ve had Rings freeze a couple of times when I was experimenting with audio signals into the various CV inputs.

Hi Rob…

No, no audio rate modulation. Never tried that. Is it worth checking out though, or not recommended?

Worth it for the resulting sounds, you mean? They were pretty wild. :slightly_smiling_face: Nothing golden in that particular session, but I’m sure some unexpected nuggets can be found with more experimentation. It’s definitely an interesting side of Rings away from the typical tinkly glass or string sounds, which are beautiful but also just scratching the surface of its potential.

The reason I asked is that I’ve never had Rings freeze before, but while I was playing with these audio rate modulations it froze at least two times, maybe three. Made it feel even more adventurous. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The latest firmware update fixes this. This is not due to audio rate modulations, but to extremely high or low frequency (and it’s easy to get them with large amplitude signals in the FM or V/O input). It was also possible to make this happen when the module was badly calibrated.


Ahhh good to know cheers. I’ll leave the firmware updating to my mate, whos module it is. At least I now know I’ve not broke it :smiley_cat:

I don’t think this was the case, but it’s very possible that I was sending something rude into the pitch modulation inputs. I’ll see about that firmware update. Although I was happy to respect a module clearly stating its boundaries (“That’s it. I quit.”). :slightly_smiling_face: