Rings Feedback Input - Audio cutting out

Hey there,

I’ve experienced this many times, when I try to connect the output of rings back into the inputs (sometimes through some effects) sometimes the sound output cutsoff completely. This can be resolved either by disconnecting the input or by changing modes. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to avoid this as there are some really great sounds that can be created feeding stuff back into Rings.

Many thanks.

This happens because you’re creating an unstable loop - you’re either amplifying some very low frequencies or very high frequencies to the point that they dominate the spectrum and you can’t hear anything else (usually, disconnecting the input helps), or after some time, a specific frequency “blows up” and you’re causing some overflow of the variables storing the state of the module (in that case, only changing modes will fix things).

Can you give some examples of patches causing that? Some of the ways of preventing this (dc-removal filters on the inputs, clamping some internal state variables) might have a negative impact on the performances of the module, though.

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One example below,

Poly = Green
Mode = Red
All knobs at 12 o’clock
A sequnce in to v/oct
ODD to audio interface
EVEN to Rings Input

After a while the audio output goes silent. Unplugging the Rings Input will resolve this.

I’ve been trying the same, with the exact same result.
@pichenettes: what is your opinion? Should I try to filter the output with like a bandpass before sending it into the input again?