Rings decalibrate ALWAYS

My Rings module always decalibrate. I have to make calibration every week!! Original firmware and no DIY. I buy it new a year ago.
Why?? Any solution to this big problem??
I make a well calibration ever with my keystep an a multimeter to send the correct voltage.
Is a problem for me! now i dont use it because sounds really bad (in yellow mode is terrorific)
And make ever a calibration is a ******
Oliver! Any solution, please???

Now i use it in easter egg mode… it sounds better in chord mode

Do you have to make anything specific to cause it to get de-calibrated? Or is it every single time you power it on?

How severe is the problem when it gets de-calibrated? Is it mostly an offset or V/O tracking problem?

Sorry for all the questions but I have never seen this problem before!

Nothing specific for decalibrate. it’s not every time I turn it on, it remains calibrated a week more or less, and then suddenly when i return to play, it sounds totally decalibrated and if you want to play a sequence for one of my presets…is out of note… and sounds completly different.

All of this is more accentuated in the yellow mode.
The same sequence played in red mode is very similar to original sequence

I am a rooky in eurorack, i dont make too much experiements with my modules… lol
And the Rings works good all this time, starts to show this problem 6 months ago.
I have no idea what makes this happens…
If you want i can show you a video how it sounds… or anything you want! Thank you for answer me!!!
And sorry for my bad english! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I asked the same question one time on reddit and one person says me that he has the same problem

Yes I’d love to see a video!