Rings Calibration Tools


I’m trying to calibrate Rings as I believe I altered it’s factory setup entering and exiting Easter egg mode. I’m a little confused as to the procedure. I have a Critter & Guitarist I Melody Mill which I though I could use as it tracks across 10 octaves. I hooked the square wave output up to a strobe tuner and the lowest note is a C2 and if I hold the octave button can get a C4 which I believe is what the calibration procedure requires. I tried measuring the DC voltage and get Low C 3V & High C 4V with octave button pressed 5V. I see the calibration procedure calls for 1V and 3V. What should I do?


Use whatever notes generate 1V and 3V, even if they are not C2 and C4.


Ahhhhh! Looks like I’ll have to borrow a midi keyboard to hook up as mine just broke. The lowest note on the built in button keyboard is 3v.
Thank you


Isn’t there a setting somewhere to transpose it down?


There is s tune potentiometer but I have to turn it all the way down to achieve the low C at 3V.


Got it sorted out. I fixed my midi controller and was able to calibrate with the proper notes and voltages.