Rings behaviour with external excitation signal

I have been using Rings lately mainly with an external excitation signal (filtered noise) and I have spotted something strange, at least for me.
When I have rings in mono mode and I change notes relatively quickly i can hear the sound of a plucked resonator at each note and after the expected sound from the excitation signal.
This behaviour reduce when in 2 note polyphony and disappear in 4 notes polyphony (meaning I only hear the effect of the external signal).
This happens in all 3 resonators models.

Is that normal? Is it my module that needs a fix. Or am I missing something on the behaviour of the module with ext in?

Yes it’s normal, the very sharp change in pitch is somewhat equivalent to sending a pulse excitation to the string (imagine rapidly shortening the length of a vibrating string - how would you do that without disturbing it?). Try using a slight slew-limiter/portamento on the V/O signal to make the change less brutal.

In polyphonic mode the sharp change in pitch is not interpreted as “change the length of the current string” but as “make a new virtual string appear with the right length, and let the old one decay” - that’s why you don’t hear the string length transition.


Merci Émilie .
I have just tried using portamento/glide on ansible and it does the trick!
Silly me that I have not thought about this!