Ring Modulation with Logic? (Kinks)

Hey there

I read in the manual of my Mutable Instruments Kinks that I can use the logic section of Kinks to do something similar in sound to ring modulation by patching two VCO signals into the two inputs and then running the OR (Max) output into a VCA, if I understand the small part in the manual correctly. Or would you suggest patching it differently? I don’t have a dedicated module for ring modulation and it seems to work with my VCO and Function (as a second VCO), I just wanted to check, if I am getting the bit from the manual correct, haha :smiley:

“(…) but it can also hybridizes LFOs, envelopes or even audio signals – creating the same type of inharmonic side-bands as ring-modulators.”

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No you’re doing it the right way!


thank you! :slight_smile: