@mic.w: I agree about the wedge. I read the Andromeda A6 uses the same effects.

3 pieces at the moment…hehe

The next is yours :wink:

Frank: when the studio sounds bad, the recording sounds bad and will put on some extra work for correction...stimresp: Valhalla is one those really few cool plugins, which does not add a huge amount of latency to the signal path, As is Klanghelm DC8C, one of the most “musical/sound design” compressors i’ve ever heard. But not really the one for bus or sum.

compress your sum with this

Damn Frank, i just started hunting on ebay…

You wont find it there as nobody wants to let it go…
Thoman has these for a perfect price but be warned. You will want more of these. Luckily you can stick 3 of them in a standard 19" 1U Rack :wink:
Its a way cool device, throw it on your Drums Subgroup, set it to Supernice Mode and hear the Rhythm Section Jumpr right out of your Monitors when tweaking the Threshold… Did you know you can hook it up to a standard 6.3mm insert with just one stereo cable - no Y-Adapters anymore!

We’ll see, we’ll see…

This is a cool reverb pedal, almost as cool as the eventide space. It does the shimmer sound too.

I’ve been looking at getting a hardware reverb unit, too…seems you guys, or at least fcd72, are fond of Lexicon rather than TC Electronics?

TC makes nice reverbs also but its more . . . not as big :slight_smile: I think its like with the MiniMoog Sound, we all got used to the Lexicon Sound so we want to have it. An TCs are not Blue.

I have a TC Fireworx which is more than reverb, but it’s really complicated to set things up. No global defeat dry for example…

Got it…well I also want ‘big’ and blue is alright with me, too and there’s a MX200 locally for $100USD so I think I will give that a try :slight_smile:

For 100$ you cant do anything wrong…

You won’t regret it :slight_smile:

oh, looks like i just won an mpx500 on ebay. :slight_smile:

You definetely won’t regret it !

Two wires, a spring and a biscuit tin. /jk

This is the principle of EMT.