I have done much research and reading on a decent hardware reverb, but fr@nkly, I don’t trust most gearslutz opinions. What do you guys use or recommend? Breaking the bank isn’t in my plans, so please give me reasonable options not just your dream machine. :slight_smile:
Thanks Shruthizens

boss rv5. cheap decent reverb pedal. not a space though. otherwise Valhalla plugs. both can be had for 50 bux

TC electronics rack mount.

Second-hand entry-level Lexicon (MX / MPX) can sometimes be found for ~100€.

And if you don’t mind a bit of digital/grit/trash, the Midiverb 4 is still around :slight_smile: I bought mine second-hand in 99 and the price hasn’t changed, not sure what this means…

Lexicon rules, even the MPX100 is a good choice, albeit it is a 16 bit one. You can get them on ebay in the range of 80€ - 4000€ (for the PCM96 or ML480).

I like the Yamaha SPX90, I’ve got two of them in my rack. Alesis Quadraverb is also cheap these days.

I have a microverb I which I picked up for about 50 bux. it’s perfect for early pan sonic type verb.

this is not expensive to build and is very fun

You can pick-up some nice rack units for cheap these days. I have an Ensoniq DP Pro. Cost 50euro because the previous owner wasn’t willing to change the battery.
It has Reverb + lots of other FX and they mostly sound excellent to my ears. But then, I tend not to drown things in reverb - just a touch is enough to open-up most sounds.

cool! i’ve still got an old spring lying arround.

Lexicon MX-300. Infact any Lexicon MX can do this endless, nevergetdull, GreaterThanLife™ Reverbs you are looking for. But it only can do HiFi :wink:
For 80ies twängie Reverbs i have a SPX-90 and to go even more LoFi i use a Behringer Virtualizer Pro. If you are without limit on your Budget try the Bricasti stuff for Reverbc or the big mighty ultimate Eventide as Multieffect.
But i think the MX-200 is best bang for the Money, it does 95% of the Bricasti and 70% of the Eventide. Roughly.

I had a Lexicon MX300 and sold it as soon as I listened to the ValhallaDSP plugins…

Yeah, a Bricasti M7 reverb and an Eventide DSP 8000 FW (or Orville). All together not under 10k €…that’s really high-end studio stuff.

But to be honest, this was lost money even in most studios i’ve been in. Why ? Because nearly all of these studio were a bad sounding room. So don’t focus yourself too much on gear, when your room sound crappy !

Since i dont have a computer in my studio anymore i cant use plugins. And to be honest, most plugins dont do this GreaterThanLife Reverbs very well…

I always thought a Reverb shpuld sound nice on the recording not make a nice sound in the Studio,:wink:

@frank. I agree. except the valhalladsp plugins, they sound awesome and can easily achieve the Lexicon GreaterThanLife reverb sound. Of course, if there’s no PC, you can only go Lexicon MX300 on a tight budget.

@fcd72 Ekdahl Moisturizer

Nice, but im a bit more into HiFi Reverbs that touch up the mess i produce with some Lexiconish Trevor Hornesque Glamour…

alesis wedge is pretty versatile and sounds good, too.

The Valhalla Reverbs are amazing quality for the price, it must be said.