Reverb: Beads vs Clouds and general Qs

Is the reverb used in Beads different from that in Clouds? On them youtubes online it seems that the Clouds reverb is smeary and “eternal” sounding (long smooth tails), with better stereo spread, but I don’t know for sure. Video from Cinematic Laboratory.

Also, is the reverb in Clouds accomplished by convolution of impulse, or by this code alone?

And a similar question about Beads: convolution of some impulse sound file or algorithmically?

And if Beads and Clouds have different reverbs, would it eventually be possible (for mortals) to hack in the reverb from Clouds into Beads, for that full-on mid-2010s infinite reverb feel?

I apologize if I’ve convoluted my terms here!

Clouds and Beads use the exact same algorithm, but some parameters (delay times, modulation rates and depths, low-pass filter coefficients) and how the various parameters respond to the position of the single control knob are different. In particular, there are different values or response curves between each of the quality settings in Beads.

This is accomplished by the code you linked to. Nothing newer of fancier for Beads.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about CPUs running at a few hundreds MHz, with only 5 or 6% of the total CPU time allocated to the reverb. Convolution would be totally unreasonable for that!