Retro sci-fi album with 4-PM and Dual SVF Shruthis

I’m working on this EP called B-Movie B-Sides for my new solo project called Revolving Agitator. The latest track I’m working on is called “Earthling” and tries to sound a bit like some retro sci-fi movie soundtrack. I’ve used the Shruthi-1 4_PM for the lead sounds (I used two patches I’ve created and which are available in the patch sharing area called “theremes” and “fantazy” and added some filtered delay and reverb to it, to make it sound more spacey). There’s several bass and fx sounds coming from the Dual SVF (can’t remember all the patches I’ve used, but NES-bass was one of them).

Here’s the track. It’s not totally finished, so I’m open for feedback, if there’s any:

I like it a lot!
Nice band name, too…


thanks a lot!
the name comes form this fifties AD (youtube link somewhere at 4’), it was so LOLish that I decided this was to be the name of my next project

Well done!

Very atmospheric Hannes! I like it :slight_smile:

Perhaps slightly lacking at the the bass end to my ears, but otherwise very nicely mixed. I did notice a significant level jump at 1:50 though when that narrator’s voice comes back in (at first I thought another track had stared playing ;-)), and the drums are perhaps a little quiet from this point on.

Lovely work though - hope you find this helpful.



Not easy to comment in English …
I like ! But I think percussion for example, do not sound so “retro” compared to the rest of the instruments effets and film dialogues … ?

@synthdood: thanks!

@yewtreemagic: yes bass might be lacking, I haven’t done a proper mastering yet, just a quick one for soundcloud, but I have EQed out the basses a bit, because they sounded too loud then, but I might have been wrong. About the volume drop… don’t notice it that much, but I guess that might have something to do with the fact that I’ve heard this track millions of times (this is already the 10th version I make). Drums are a bit quiet, but I wanted them to be a bit more in the background. thanks a lot for your feedback, totally helpful!

@Lucchio: I agree the percussions don’t sound retro. Do you find that disturbing? The initial Idea behind Revolving Agitator is to mix retro soundtrack elements with sounds coming from EBM and Industrial music (with a bit of John Carpenter in the mix for good measure). Maybe I have to add even more of such sounds to make the concept clear, right now it’s all really on the soundtrack side.

for a comparison you might want to listen to this on:

Can’t listen to this ATM, but I can’t wait to hear it. Sounds like its right up my alley. Hope to finish my epic-sc-fi-horror-zombie® fake soundtrack soon!

Oh ok, i understand that you want mix retro and new sounds.
Yes just percussion disturb me a little bit but nothing nothing dramatic about :0)
For my part I would have tried to put the percussion instruments in front of others but you say " I wanted them to be a bit more in the background "
Sorry i don’t help you :0)
Contrast to the two styles of music is may be not enough pronounced … ?
There is a lot of thing in your track, add another sound will perhaps be a little too much …

Nice work, like it a lot! =)

@qp: I remember you mentioning that, if you’re interested I’d be totally available for remixing stuff, or even better we could have a little remix-exchange, I do one of yours and you do one of mine. let me know!

@Lucchio: I’ll try to work on the percussions, I’ll post a new version later.

@larsen: thanks a lot!

@rumpelfilter Afraid I can’t comment on the mix. Ever since I went to Bloc.2012 on Friday, I’ve not been able to hear any low frequencies with my right ear. I do like the vocal samples, though, and the Bladerunner like sounds. Reminds me of Kuedo, which is no bad thing. Very atmospheric.


@toneburst: really sorry to hear that! I hope it will get better! Was it because of some too loud volumes? Anyway thanks for the feedback!

@rumpelfilter thanks very much. I hope it gets better too. I think I was standing too close to one of the speaker stacks during the Shackleton set. If that’s what did it though, I’m probably not the only one who suffered hearing damage. There were people in front of me. I just hope it’s not permanent. The weird thing is, it didn’t sound that loud at the time…


bloc2k12 seems like it was a complete disaster… I hope you’ll recover from it. Hell.

edit : to prevent myself from hearing damage, i bought a pair of those
Heck, it’s expensive but I just can’t go anywhere without them. I could attend a full concert of My Bloody Valentine without suffering the single Tinnitus, and I’m constantly playing 1 meter away from my drummer when practicing with my band. I believe anyone used to attending concerts/parties and/or playing in a band should afford these. What’s the point with buying expensive gear if you’re soon to be deaf?

@MicMicMan yeah, it really was. Just glad I didn’t pay for my ticket. Steve Reich, Shackleton and Amon Tobin, the only acts I got to see before the event was cancelled on the Friday were all good, on the plus side. On the minus side, I spent more time queuing that listening to music, I couldn’t even get to the tent my friend who I was supposed to be meeting was in, and I thought I was going to get crushed and/or trampled to death outside the Resident Adviser tent at one point.

There were loads of acts I wanted to see on the Saturday, but the second day was cancelled.

Not good.


Wow, that was intense, almost frightening in some parts. Super atmospheric with great sound design and mixing/mastering. Great job!

I think the modern drums kept low in the mix help give them that retro feel. If it is was it says it is, b-movie b-sides, than it sounds like what it says it is. If anything, I wonder if the voice samples aren’t necessary. I don’t know where they quote from, but I’d venture to say that unless they’re original, they might overcast the opportunity to use the song in some real sci-fi movie, ya know. Cuz you keep it up and you and/or someone else are going to get inspired to create a movie just from the music.

Digg it.


@n8bit & Lindeborg: thanks! I was trying to do something that would be on the endge between eearie and kind of spacey… :slight_smile:

@KSD: thanks for the feedback, well it’s not made to be a real soundtrack (I might turn it into one if the need arises though), it’s more a standalone track so I think the samples work quite well, because the add even more vintage movie feeling to the music, and fit in quite well with the mood of the track. I gort them from a huge collection of retro samples, you can buy online here:

I edited the track some more and changed the drums… updated it on soundcloud, URL is still the same:
Not really sure if it’s gotten better or worse though… Maybe it’s time to just stop editing it :slight_smile: