Resuscitating the wiki

I just took a look and I’m guilty as charged: It seems there haven’t been any recent additions to the wiki
It would be nice if it was linked from the MI main pages as I think it’s fully usable. What happened? Should it be left to fizzle or get used?

Talk amongst yourself

Resuscitate me!

I like the idea of a MI wiki and I will be glad to contribute to it. My two main excuses for not having done more is summer and a lack of structure to the wiki. Well, summer is gone but I believe that we that have the accounts to edit the wiki must have a discussion over how we will structure things and set some simple rules so that we work in the same direction.

Hear hear! I’ve been too busy with other things as well, but I also wonder if it isn’t time for a more public unveiling? Anywho, there’s work to be done about the Anushri now. Also, the Ambika isn’t updated with the findings from us early builders as far as I know. BoMs needs adding etc. It’s quite a handful…

A sticky thread mentioning it on here?

The idea of a link I think makes more sense. However, I’ve been full of nonsense since arriving so…

The website redesign is going slowly but steadily.

So the link is there now. Can i get access to editing the wiki? I have a few sources to disclose.