Resurrected Grids

A friend of mine gave me a Grids that was completely dead. I think Olivier send him a replacement.
I changed all the ICS and flashed it, and now is alive. Everything works fine ( i guess) except for the second pot (E2), that is acting if it was all turned to the right. I have checked and reflowed the atmega and components around the ICs, and everything looks good.
Could be a firmware issue ? I tried compiling an old version of the firmware (2013), with the new bootloader. Maybe i should try with the first released firmware.
Board rev is: 0.1 and serial (SCP 13 30 025).
any hel would be awesome.

> Could be a firmware issue ?

Why? Wouldn’t it be strange if random data corruption would cause the firmware to run perfectly fine for absolutely everything except this very specific thing?

Have you checked that the voltage on the op-amp output responsible for this CV+pot combo is correct? (should be 0V when the pot is fully CW, 3.3V when fully CCW). This op-amp is probably fried too.

The op-amp was fried. I changed it, and now everything works fine.
thanks man, really appreciate it.