Restock of eurorack faceplate for Anushri?

Am I too late? I really need one for my case from Adrian…


And is the current stock of the Anushri kit the last kits there will be?

> Am I too late?

Yes, sorry.

> And is the current stock of the Anushri kit the last kits there will be?


Oh no! :frowning: I do understand though. I read your post about the future of MI. I was just hoping that you would order more frontplates for the remaining kits:

“Anushri (as a kit and as a PCB set). There are currently about 100 kits left in stock. I only have 40 Euro panel sets, so I might do a small run of them to prevent the last kits from being sold naked.”


The files are all ready to make one yourself. I made one from black 2ply plexi. Or maybe Adrian will make some to fit his cases.

If there is interest, then I could make some plates what will match with the tabletop case. I know there are 2-3 people. If I get 10-15 then it’s reasonable to make them.
They will be black powder coated 2mm aluminum with screen print.

The problem is that there are not enough kits left to justify reorder panels - they can get very expensive in small batches. And If reorder 100 panels to get a good price, then I’ll have to do more Anushri kits and the circle of damnation will continue.

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@pichenettes I hear you.

@Adrian Does it have to be black? I actually much prefer the bare aluminium look of the original. But I guess I’d buy one even if it’s black.

You can have your Alu panel any color you want, as long as it’s black ; )

Just kidding, it´s up to Adrian.

@Adrian: that would be great. I pondered a long while whether or not I should order another anushri faceplate, until the issue was decided for me (by non-availability).
But now I had a look at the faceplate in one of your cases (already have a faceplate, but it is reserved for the eurorack anushri) and must say it looks even better than expected. I had thought I’d go for a acrylic panel or a self-made aluminum panel (for the 2nd anushri), but a more professional looking option would also not be too bad.
An alternative might be (if a few people are interested) to use FR-4 pcb material (it might be a bit too large, and tilt and bend, i don’t know, but in general i like the FR4 better than acrylic, and it can be produced at reasonable cost also in smaller quantitites). Something other than black would also be nice (your white cases also always looked pretty good), but I wouldn’t mind either way.

ps. and about “the circle of damnation” … well, one can always dream. Anushri is probably my favorite MI synth (it always has been a bit in the shadow of shruthi and ambika), so I hope there is a way to keep it alive somehow, including it gorgeous faceplate. But what is not, is not.

I’d also buy a faceplate for my darling…

@Joha86 register yourself here Anushri Euro Panel Waiting List