Resonance set to 0 = ~-40dB drop in sound level ? [SOLVED]

Hi there, 1st time builder, SMR4 mkII, everything is super good, apart from the fact that unless the resonance is set to a value greater than 0 (can be as small as 6) there is a drastic drop in volume. Also the volume decreases directly proportional with the resonance. It seems from the search engine that I’m the only one with this particular problem. Eg. The Innit patch is dead quiet unless I turn resonance up a little. No resonance = no VCA?

Post a photo of your filter board please!

Here it is.

OK: I’ve managed to solve it - the culprit:not enough solder around the ICS. Could not see it without taking this picture. I need to get a better magnifying glass as it looked all good through it. Lesson learned. Thanks