Resonance on high-pass filter with the SSM2044 filter board?

I like to add a manual resonance tweaking feature to the high-pass filter section of the SSM2044 filter board.
The high-pass is actually a 2-pole low-pass which is inverted on the SSM input to make it high-pass.
Self resonance is not crucial as the low-pass can do this well.
Do you think it’s possible? How?
Thank you,

I don’t think it’s possible. I doubt one can get a “cascade of 1-pole LPs” design to self-oscillate with only 2 poles. Working backwards: there are 2 spare SSM2164 cells, so your best bet is to design a 2-pole filter with resonance. That could be a SVF. Maybe you can rewire (cut traces, add resistors here and there) the 2-LP section on the SSM2044 board to make it look like a SVF?

Well, I am just studying the later MS20-filter which is a 2-cascade OTA based one and seems to me it’s possible to get the resonance with just a little modification of the non-resonance version.
Only the ‘C’-s should be rewired and adding the feedback loop!
I’ll make it.

I wouldn’t call the MS-20 filter a cascade of 1-pole filters - because once you “feed back” some signal into the first capacitor, the first stage no longer acts like a 1-pole filter (this is the difference with the classic 4-pole design in which the feedback happens before the first integrator / LP-stage - not inside it).

Keep in mind that the SSM2164 output can only go into a virtual ground; so each integrating cap will have one lead (virtually) grounded.

Much similarities with the Sallen-Key topology indeed.