Just beginning a V0.5 of the Shruthi.
It seems that I don’t have 2 of this: “R15, R16 Resistor 1% 2.2k 2 METALL 2,20K 2.21KXBK-ND 9341536”.
Just got 1, but i got a couple of green resistors with Red Red Red Gold, with “2-2” written on the paper, Or a Red Red Black Orange, alone, too.
Excuse my english.

Je suis en train de commencer un Shruthi V 0.5,
Il semble qu’il manque la réf suivante dans mon kit: R15, R16 Resistor 1% 2.2k 2 METALL 2,20K 2.21KXBK-ND 9341536. Je n’en ai qu’un. à la place j’ai une paire de resistances vertes coloré comme suit: Rouge Rouge Rouge Or, avec inscrit “2-2” sur le papier qui les colle. Sinon, j’ai aussi une resistance seule Rouge Rouge Noir Orange.
Une idée?

Greeen Resistors????

Red Red Red Gold is 2.2K 5% (which cant be since there are no 5% Resistors in the kit…), Red Red Black Orange does not exist, so it has to be Orange Black Red Red which is 3K 2%. Did you forgot to mention any brown rings???

If you have a Multimeter take a quick measurement (the Ohm Thing…) else post a Picture of the suspicious parts so i can have a look - everything else leads only to wasted time thru wild guessing.

Or pray to the Resistor Unicorn

yep i have some green resistors too. they have been sold to me by my local electronics store (1 guy business) as 1%. i’ve sent him to the Regulator for this.

here’s an overview:


Can you get more of the green ones? I will order a green PCB - would look nice together with some square Communist BomberCaps. BTW did you see the Soldering Hero?

yep i’ve seen him, very impressive! this electronics guy sells watch batteries and fuses mainly, there’s always a queue of grandmas waiting for their turn. and the components he has are often kinda old. sometimes he tells me things like “ohhh, a TL074 … hasn’t been ordered … since … last time 1997” and things like that. usually i buy there 10 pieces or so if i need a resistor to quickly try a circuit on perfboard and don’t like to place an order. but reviewing my stock here i’ve seen all different shades of blue, from super bright blue to dark, greenish and even grey looking resistors. but not that many of a kind one could match them by color for a design build.
another quote:“LM358?? das ist ja schon ein frommer wunsch!” meaning that usually he’s never heard of the things i’m asking for.

Yep, I didn’t mention brown rings.
Here is a pic:

From top, the resistors as I described them.

well that’s not just red red black orange. when you take the last ring into account it looks like 220k, compare to the table

Top To Bottom:
Red Red Black Brown Brown -> 2,2K 1% (matches the resistors basic color)
2x Red Red Red Gold -> 2.2K 5% (so green seems to be like creme…)
Red Red Black Orange Brown - > R220 1% EDIT Wrong button… 220K 1% is right.

Your life woud be easier with a 5€ Multimeter

Lucky guy, i have to drive 35km to buy a LED… and who needs OP Amps anyway. They are EVIL!

red red black orange brown?
2 2 0 x1000 1% =220k or am i wrong?

220R would eg be red red black black brown

When I prepared the parts, there was a missing “blue 2.2k” (red red black brown brown) so I have added two turquoise ones. They are fine.

The last one, red red black orange brown is a 220k, for the SMR4 filter.

Ah, the master is in da house :wink:


I bet theres a market for custom painted resistors that would be bought by people like you and me - which leads me to the idea to check my local toy shop for those small pots of color (black*resistors*on*black*pcbs) …its gettin worse - i already ordered FIMO for knobs…

really? cool idea! i’ve seen some guys spray painting their whole perfboard lunetta builds in one color, which looks cool too! if you write the value on the pack you could paint & sell them. i’m sure someone would buy them.

I will mark them with different shades of grey…

I’m in da house fleeing nosey aunties

Ok, Thanks Pichenettes.

Juste une petite question (en français): y a un sens pour ces deux resistances?

Resistors are never oriented… except when they come in networks!

Although pichenettes is technically absolutely right there is an orientation for aesthetical reasons… on my boards the brown 1% indicator rings allway head to the right or bottom. Sorry if you now have to desloder all your resistors :slight_smile:

it also makes troubleshooting easier to put them all in the same way.

I dont make mistakes placing resistors

Now lets discuss the correct position of the 1% brown ring… left or right? Top or bottom?

it is good practice (as i’ve been told by solder fume junkies) to start with the first ring on the left when the pcb is oriented in a way that you can read the component value/designation. that would be the tolerance ring always to the right. when soldering pcbs designed by smartasses thinking it’s more funny to mount resistors standing instead of flat on the board i’ve come to putting the tolerance ring towards the “floor” as this is the least interesting information.