Resistors tolerances

Hi everyone,

So, I’ve almost finished to build a 4PM Shruthi and was questionning myself about the difference between a 1% resistor and a 0,5% one. Will the second cause problems in the long run ? Yeah I know I should have asked before soldering them…

I’ve powered the boards and they seem to boot fine so I guess it’s ok…

Thanx for your time.

The 0,5% are way more expensive which may affect your rent in a long term… other wise you are fine with them tough i doubt you will notice any difference, especially on the digital board. Its like buying a 320PS engine for your compact car instead of a 305PS one.


Ok, it was a dumb question but I’m a beginner and don’t know anything about resistors :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re placed on the filter board though…

Anyway thanx for the reply