Resistors question from Noob

Hello everyone,

I received my first shruti kit this week, I almost finished the resistor prequel step , this afternoon .
I have 3 resistors left and it should be 1 x 68 & 2 x 10k instead i have a 1 x 3.3 (orange-brown-black-silver) & 2 x 220 (red-red-black-black).
the 68 should be plugged on the right of C5 and the 2x 10k should be plugged on the left of C35.

What will happened if i plug the resistors i have and continue the steps ??

Thanks in advance


No 10k resistor came with your kit? If it’s the case it’s a mistake and I can send you a pair. Can you confirm that your kit came with 12x 220 resistors instead of 10x 220 and 2x 10k?

As explained in the assembly instructions, The resistor marked “68” on the board is the current limiting resistor for the LCD. Some kits now come with a different kind of LCD screen which requires a smaller resistor there. So the 3.3 resistor goes there.

Thank you Pichenettes for the quick answer,

For the LCD one, that’s great.

No i received 10x 10k instead of 12 and 8x 220 instead of 6.

If you want i can come to your office, to pick up a pair and avoid “LaPoste”, my work is not so far.

Hmmm, wait… are you sure you haven’t mixed up the bags of parts for the digital control board and those for the filter board?

The bag of parts for the digital control board should contain a 3.3 ohm ; but not for the filter board (it should contain a 68 R resistor as labelled on the board).

To avoid any confusion, please post a photo of your board and of the bag of parts you are talking about!

i already took everything from the bags when i have been searching for resistors that i could have missed…sorry
I probably have switched because all the bags were opened when i begun the soldering.

There’s no missing part in your kit.

  • You have soldered two 10k resistors in place of 220R on the control board, around OK1.
  • You have soldered the 68R resistor from the filter board on the control board.

So remove the 3 wrong resistors from the control board, solder them back on the filter board ; and the 3 resistors that have been causing you trouble will go on the filter board. Fortunately you have not soldered the LCD yet so it’ll be easy to do the swap.

A bit of advice in case you build another one of my kits:

  • If the project has multiple boards, each board will have its bags of parts, so you don’t have to open all the bags when you start the project (and don’t have to mix their content).
  • It’s always better to start with the board which carries the power supply (since it can be tested half-way).

A big thank you Pichenettes.
That’s my first kit and honestly i’ve been more excited than careful…i will remember your advises for the dual svf or Ambika if any…

have a nice evening