Resistor values​​

Resistor values​​.
I have doubts about the resistance, I measure with my multimeter and I never give the exact value. For example Resistance 24.9 k 1%, when measured gives me a result of 24.5 there is a problem with this value?

The ic that’s most likely to have a bad solder joint on it is the big one (40 pins), the IC is labeled as ATMega644p.
But I’m scared the faulty solder joints are under the screen…

HA error recurred, and always appears in the parameters of the first round

I’ll check the junction of the socket weld.

To facilitate my work, can you tell me q is the number of IC socket to which you refer?
Thanks for your time

I have a Shruthi-1 and 4 pole mission and check the power supply for one another have changed, porq in the s-1 is perfect, but at the poles S.4 problems persist

The 4 pole mission draws more current because of the bright LED and because the circuitry is more complex. It might be enough to make a difference. Is this only the same parameter which is flickering? If so, it might be a bad solder joint on the ATMega644p IC socket.

Right now it has stopped the problem, but before q values ​​move were cutoff and Rng in oscillators.

This issue is addressed here

I have a problem with my 4-pole mission, the parameters move on their own without any kind of movement, as if he arrived midi messages, is a little crazy

according thank you for the information

just mount the LEDs with resistors of 220 but I get no results, I’m doing something wrong?

The front LED lights on the 4 pole mission? Crank up the resonance or use the mod wheel.

Or Both. This is the most useful Post today!

if you’re right, followed by turning the screw and saw the light thanks. Now I only set it and see how it sounds

Keep turning it in one direction until you hear it clicking -then start turning in the other direction and keep turning until you see something appear. The LCD will come on near one of the ends of travel of the potentiometer.

Now I have a doubt as the card can be configured to control the filter settings 16:00

I have a problem with my lcd does not visualize any figures, but is on, I’m adjusting the potentiometer R21, but did not produce any change.

Good to know!

fixed voltage values​​, was not putting my black and red tip of my multimeter in the right place