Resistor question


any problem using 5% carbon resistors if the values read close enough? I have a ton I could use for some of the boards.

Besides being less precise, they are noisier. Might give you a more “vintage” sound :smiley:

Hmm, you see I figured this out after starting on my LP filter board and just using bunches of carbon resistors I had. I’m trying to decide if I should desolder them and replace them with metal films before trying out the board. I just don’t want to damage anything. They all measured pretty close. Desoldering would be a pain and I don’t want to damage the pcb. Was just too anxious to wait. What I know now…

i’ve even used a lot of carbon ones for 1 or 2 values on parts of my Ambika voice cards, because i didn’t have enough blue ones. if there is any audible difference between the voices i guess it will just bring a little bit more life in it.

Everyone on cycling forums are lusting after carbon parts instead of metal, everyone on electronics forums want metal resistors not carbon :slight_smile:

the good ol’ and beloved vintage synths are full of carbon resistors and ceramic capacitors, so it’s really not a big deal.
But I’m not quite sure that you’ll find resistors within the 1% range - not a big deal, once again.

those synths can be glad i don’t use salvaged stuff from wrecked old tape recorders haha