Reset !?

Good morning,

I wanted to know if it’s possible to reset the shruti1 ?
I didn’t find it in the manual.

Not erase but the original value

What do you want to reset? The patch library or settings?

settings please

Sorry, this is not possible. Here are the default settings:

oct 0
rag equ
prt 0
leg off
tun 0
chn 1
mid thr
spl C4
pau 8
sna off
fil lpf
cv 4cv

Ok and at the update of firmware, this reset the shruti original’s value ??

No, the firmware update procedure does not reset these values. It updates the firmware but does not change any user setting!

A sysex with the defaults is a quick way to reset I guess.

If that is possible :slight_smile:

The way memory is packed it is not possible to backup system settings independently of the reset. There’s the end of a patch (or sequencer) block adjacent to the system settings!

How come the setting for filter board type isn’t preserved between power off/on then? I have to set mine each time I start them up…

Maybe I’m misunderstanding this conversation…

You need to save the system settings.

Just after having edited the filter type, press S6. Turn the encoder so that it shows “ok”. Click the encoder.

I can’t believe I missed that! Thank you!