Reset Sequencer, without stopping it?


i want to reset the shruthi-1 sequencer to the first step without stopping it (by sending midi and while in step mode).
i know, sending midi stop will reset it, but i need it to keep running.
i will try sending stop and then start with really short delay. maybe doing so will get a good result. i am asking if anybody has other ideas anyways, because i need to get this to work soon.

basically what i am doing is using the shruthi in a “vj” setup for generating audio which is feed to the audio inputs of bent video equipment. the midi clock is generated by puredata (i tap it in with a tap-tempo thingy.) the tap tempo already works, but i also want to keep the sequence in sync.
because i am using puredata, it is no problem, to do it by any kind of midi message.

any ideas, what could be the smartest way doing this?
according to the manual, song position is not implementet in the shruthi, right? otherwise i could send something like “position := 0” for reset.


will setting the tempo to internal and back to external reset the sequencer to first step?

as promised, here are some videos.

the stuff triggered using the shruthi are the colorful patterns (vertical or horizontal lines most of the time.)

the vj set happened yesterday and was a full success. the shruthi (and everything else) worked like a charm.

Vimeo seems to have some problems, but video is comming soon

yes please, post videos.

I have no idea about how a video mixer works, but this sounds pretty interesting!

somehow sending start or stop (0xFA / 250 and 0xFC / 252) doesn`t seem to work at all.
i am in seq mode and have the test note triggered with tempo= external.
it cant be a midi or puredata problem because the clock is working.

ok start/stop works now.

allright. sorted it :slight_smile:

doing the stop, start again thing works great.
turns out, there need to be a few ms delay after the stop message, otherwise the shruthi won`t restart.

maybe it would be an idea to implement that recieving another start message while things are running will reset everything - but this is a really special application.

also it may seem like a waste of the shruthi, to use it this way, but it turns out really great. i have it connected to my bent panasonic video mixer. this works much much better, than using the main audio track, the visuals are synced to. the shruthis envelopes are great for adjusting the length of the glitch effect and the cutoff even changes the effect.

i can post videos, if you are interested.