Request : send standard midi CC's

It would be great if shruthi could send out standard CC’s

Nrpn is like voodoo to me :frowning:

All the best

Are you using Ablteon? Then NRPN is like voodo to your DAW, also, maybe thats the problem?

yes i am, and pro tools.

i think less daws use nrpn than do ?

I think Ableton ist the only one that doesnt work with NRPNs. No Problems with Logic and/or the Cirklon here.

pro tools doesn’t either.

Yep, the real MIDI DAWs do not have that “vodoo issue”. Don’t get me wrong PT and Live are useful tools, but not in MIDI terms. They never were, and belonging to PT never will. And Ableton (and S1) has a very long road to go until it reaches competition…
To be honest my guess is, that even Harrison Mixbus will reach this goal faster…

Ok moving on, life would be so much easier if shruthi sent the same CC’s it receives.

It’s such a shame having to use another controller to automate shruthi.

According to the MIDI specs it does… which controllers do you mean?

Shruthi receives standard CC’s but the knobs only send NRPN.

Get a Programmer :wink: Here each knob sends the CCs…

Or buy a CME Bitstream 3X, this a MIDI Controller with NRPN support.
But i confess, the Programmer will be the cheaper and more sexy option…hehehe

I need to more clear, there is no problem receiving standard CCs the problem is with sthruthi sending them.

I can use an ipad or maschine to send CC’s to sthruthi but it would be cool to be able to record knob movements from the actual shruthi.

As stated above, its more a problem of your DAW than the Shruthi… The Knobs send the according NRPNs for the Parameter they are assigned for and at least my ancient DAW (Logic 7) can automate and display them…
NRPNs have no resolution loss therefore they send the exact value you have set. Sending both NRPNs and CCs is a bit redundant and will clutter up your MIDI Stream.
So you have the choice:

  • get a DAW thats up to date with its MIDI implementation (if you can talk about up to date with MIDI specs beeing 30 years old :wink: )
  • build an DAW Internal Controller Setup (should be doable in Ableton i guess)
  • get an external controller
  • get a Programmer
  • Tweak the Firmware yourselves

Or ask for an option for Shruthi to send standard CC’s

I use Live 9 and Pro tools so another DAW is not an option.

Then you should use Logic or Cubase, they are capable to do this…

As you may have recognized your question is more ore less denied :wink:

I think it wouldnt be a big issue switching the send CC feature on as it is already implemented for the Programmer, maybe you ask pichenettes for a Quote for a personalized Firmware?

Ok will do. Going back to logic or cubase not an option.

i would happily contribute a donation for a fw version that can send cc - if it could also send patches as cc dumps. (i know this would be restricted to supported parameters and exclude the modulation matrix - but still)

as i have stated in the ipad editor thread, midi cc dumps would make my touchosc ipad editor much more useful, because it would make it possible to edit existing patches instead of having to start frolm scratch every time.

but i suspect olivier has different priorities right now - what with the modules coming up and him apparently moving to a new place and all.

I am not sure what fcd72 is referring to; but the Shruthi cannot send parameter changes as CC; only as NRPNs. The feature is not there, and would require a lot of rework of the code.

>Get a Programmer :wink: Here each knob sends the CCs….

Wow! I did not know that. =)