Request- help needed - Alt Firmware for Plaits



I would like to change the navigation behavior when changing modes with the modes selections buttons.

I would find it a lot quicker to navigate if the left button would go down on the mode selections, and the right button always go up.

Sometimes when I’m changing the LPG behavior, I do a double press when releasing it, thus changing the mode of the module. Then you’ll have to scroll through every mode to get back to the one you where using. And sometimes if using it live, it’s not that great of an effect.

That’s why I guess it would be quicker if you just add to press on the other mode selection button twice, then back to the right mode. You still go through 2 modes, but it’s still better.

I went through the code, couldn’t find any relevant line to hack. Would it be in or I don’t even know what’s the difference between the .cc and .h extensions

Thanks for any pointers


The actions for the two buttons are coded here:

So it would be something like:

if (switches_.released(Switch(0)) && !ignore_release_[0]) {
  patch_->engine = (patch_->engine - 1) % 16;

if (switches_.released(Switch(1)) && !ignore_release_[1]) {
  patch_->engine = (patch_->engine + 1) % 16;


ok thanks. I’ll try that.