Request for Guidance/Help for Eurorack Newbie/Starters

Hello all Shruthizens

As we all do ; I also want to jump modular world sooner or later here is my scream for guidance and help.

Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen post intrigued me to ask these questions.

I know there are a lot of information around the forum but maybe this topic might the place to collect all of them and it may well serve to purpose of starter guide

Criteria for your valuable suggestions : It would be best if they are Cheap and DIY if it is possible.

As we set the scene, here are my questions

Let’s assume I would start with LittleDieter of @fcd72 ( if it is still available ) as a first module ( of course in later stages all MI Modules should follow :slight_smile: ) and I picked the IKEA Rast Cabinet

What other things would I need ?

  • Rails

  • Power Supply ( especially one which might work with @fcd72’s Bus Board )

  • Would this Frequency Central Power PCBs! be handy to assemble it. ( it is mentioned in other thread )

All input will appreciated.

Little Dieter: On stock, a good point to start, you will outgrow fast and want to expand :wink:
FCP PCBs: If you have these stuffed + the matching Wallwarts… well you could as well buy a Meanwell.

@fcd72 Which Meanwell ? and then Should I connect this to your bus board ?

Meanwell T60B

You can connect it to the rails - if not its just a useless Brick :wink:

@fcd72 According to Mouser Meanwell T60B has a status “end of life”

Get one as long as they last :wink:

and don’t listen to the people who will say the “ripple created by the switching power supply will totally destroy your audio”. Just avoid cheap chinese PSUs

Just ordered a bunch to be on the safe side :wink:

Hey guys get the suggestion coming not just for PSU :wink:

it’s only worth it if you’re not planning to do more than 6 height units. well, of course depending on what you put in there. the negative rail of my meanwell (same as fcd’s) was to weak faster than i’d have hoped for. still not resolved so i can only run a part of my stuff at a time :frowning:

What the hell you are running rosch?? ModularGrid yourself!

haha, not so much in fact. i could certainly do with even much much more.
but next thing for me is getting a big one from mouser with 3A on each rail. happy electrocuting :wink:

3A? Do you have a EuroRack Spanferkelgrill?

nice idea actually.
the meanwell has 2A which would be plenty but the -15V has only 0.5A which is really ridiculous, unless i power only modules that just require one rail. but there have to be Blinkenlights[TM] so what can i do!

Most Blinkenlights are powered from the Positive Rails and my Modular needs a massive +5V Rail to power all the digitalness… so for “normal” use 0,5A should be OK

Thanks for posting this. I dont feel as much of an annoyance now!

If t60b is on the way out…what is the next appropriate PSU? What are you using @fcd72? I like the idea of having “more than enough” for Blinkenlights and digitalness.

End of life means the supply will last for years… I use T60B.

@Pish :wink: so let’s hope masters are going to enlighten us Padawans

Haha, I thought end of life was the model was being discontinued.