Replacing CEM3372 with CEM3382

It is posible?

No. The 3382 is just a VCA. Also, Shurti takes a 3379, not 3372

sorry! I mean replacing 3379 with 3389.

is that possible?

“The only other differences (which may or may not affect the system) are that the control voltage required for panning to the same output pin is reversed, and the input impedance to the pan control input is significantly lower (20K for the 3389).”

In the Shruti-1, the pan CV pin is grounded, so it looks like a way to connect it to +5V will have to be found instead. Or a jumper will have to be added to connect the output of the second channel to the first. A couple of changes will have to be made with respect to the VCA input/outputs too.

In any case, I don’t really want to do much on my side to support and document such hacks.