Replacing a broken encoder on Yarns


So a friend asked me to replace the encoder on his Yarns (I’ve built him a TSNM previously) - his daughter knocked over the skiff it was in and the encoder is almost sheared at the joint between the metal and the green plastic body. The Panel is bent too but that will likely straighten out - the physical removal and installing a new encoder is straightforward enough, but am I correct in assuming that any replacement encoder Im able to source from the likes of Mouser will result in the encoder operating in reverse?


Yes but in that case you’ll find alternative firmwares that reverse the encoder direction


Why hasn’t your friend contacted Mutable Instruments? I have never made anyone paid for a repair.


Hi Olivier,
I can only assume that as this was a “self inflicted wound” so to speak, rather than an issue with the module, he felt it was his issue to resolve - I was happy to help him as a friend, but if you are agreeable, I’m sure he would be delighted if I sent it onwards to you along with his details (rather than sending it back to him to then send it to you)?

Very generous of you and yet another reason to love Mutable Instruments! :slight_smile: