Repeating notes too often from Marbles

So I’ve had a Marbles for a while now, and I still struggle to make it do interesting random things.

I’ve got it set up in the green mode in the t section and the green mode in the x section and neither side is locked.

I have Steps around 2 o clock, so it should be quantised but still with a lot of options for notes for it to play, why do I get so many repeating notes?

It just seems to put out 3, 4, or sometimes even 5 or 6 of notes of the same pitch in a row before changing pitch.

I’d like to have it jumping a lot more over the 2 octaves, but no matter what I seem to do, it refuses to do this.
Am I missing something crucially important here?

Obviously, I can modulate the parameters, but I’ve seen videos with it spitting out lovely random melodies that jump all over the place, but I just seem to be getting these 3 / 4 / 5 notes of the same in a row before it changes pitch.

Any thoughts people?
Thank you so much

The t and x outputs are linked (under normnal circumstances) so when t1 triggers, x1 changes and so on. Check that you have your gate and cv in the same channel as it sounds like you might be triggering from one t output and cv from a different x out?

If you set steps closer to the centre (like 12.05 or something) it should allow all possible notes.

I find that Spread set to around 2 o clockish gives me the broadest chance of available voltages happening at the x outs (I’m not sure how to write that as I kinda get how the probability distribution works but find it hard to explain).

What is the position of the SPREAD knob? Turned too high and you’ll only pick notes on the extremes, turned too low and the notes will be concentrated in the center…

Is it possible you did some cv recording and forgot to clear it afterwards?