Repairing Shelves

The Input sockets of my module has been loose for some time. But this morning, it remains hooked to my cable.

I think I could simply try to glue it, but it may be better to replace the socket.
I’m not a DIY guy, but before trying to find a place that could repair it, how difficult it could be to replace it?

Is it a safe move?

Why don’t you send it back to me?

I live near Montréal, Qc, Canada.
Before shipping it, I may go to Moog Audio and ask if they can repair it.

Merci pour l’offre. :slight_smile:

It’s a very easy repair, just a matter of desoldering the old jack and soldering a new one (the whole jack is damaged, you won’t be able to put back or glue back the part that broke).

I was able to temporarily fix the module with some glue and it works.


However, I will still replace the socket.
Any advice on the soldering iron kit I should buy…