Repairing a Grids


I replied to someone last night on muffwiggler with a similar problem on a diy grids as well as a long pm chat.

There’s a known issue with avrdude 6.x and avrispmkii with libusb

Have look in the manual which describes a solution and also here:

I wonder if your problem is similar? (Unless it’s a soldering or driver issue)

Worth noting that diy mutable module discussion is not allowed on here.

If it is a factory grids, you could try the wav upload…


Two options: if it’s a factory-made module, you send it to me for repair, it’s free. If not, wrong forum :slight_smile:


It’s similar! I’m the same guy! but pichenettes make things clear, I shouldn’t ask for help here.


it’s not a factory-made module, understood, apologies