Discussion on MW about possibility of adding triple sine waves to the triple square and triple saw modes on Braids. Seems like it might not be so hard, after a quick look at the relevant code. But Monsieur Fou would like 3 independent pitch inputs (re-purposing the Timbre and Colour inputs, for example) for the triple modes, making Braids into a triple oscillator. May also be feasible, but would mean subjecting the Timbre and Colour inputs to the 1v/oct pitch scaling routines that the v/oct input is subject to i.e. some non-trivial code changes.

All of these suggested changes may require that a paschal oophorectomy be performed as well.

  1. That is a delicious homophonic pun, if I say so myself, even if oophorectomy is not strictly equivalent. Oocytectomy would be correct, but few organisms contain only one egg.

Olivier has responded on the MW thread, thus:

Getting V/Oct to work on TIMBRE and COLOR would be tricky - First they don’t accept such a large voltage range compared to the main V/Oct input, then you’d have to add a menu for calibrating them (the two step C2/C4 thing), and rework the settings storage, and maybe end up with units who would boot with garbage calibrations after the update. Would be quite some work.

Maybe adding a triple sine with the current “chord” scheme would work and only require 200-300 bytes (can’t really allocate more to this), but boy, this is low on my priority list. Another little thing: I hate selling modules with manuals out of sync with the firmware. I also hate trashing kilos of paper. That’s an incentive for not doing firmware changes for a while.

Probably best to just continue discussion there, if anyone is interested.

Does this mean a full manual is included now?