Religions (and why Buddhism possibly isn't one)


It’s a Buddhist deity. Buddhism is not a religion.
All is one.

Can we have a moment to talk about the MI brand identity?

I mean, Buddhism has monks and temples and congregations and esoteric ritual practices. Those are pretty much the traits of a religion. I guess if you want to be meta about it you could say that anatta implies there is no essence to what makes something a religion, just as there is no essence to what makes you yourself. But in the realm of non-western cultures Buddhism is a religion.


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The definition of a religion according to the 1st hit on a goofgle search:
“the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.”

In the case of Buddha. You are it. You are the Buddha. The metaphor. You are not worshipping anything external than experiencing one. That one is you. You is me, nature, the universe, mind, body, animal and spirit. It is the same thing.
It’s a perspective, not a religion.

Not faith, but experience
Not believing, but experiencing right now. Here and now is everything.


That’s not a very good definition of religion, though. It’s a description of a monotheistic faith. There are many religions that aren’t monotheistic.


It has become a small step from Mutable Instruments to a religion.

One thing that i keep thinking of in this discussion is that (religious) symbols sometimes gain more power from people that try to avoid them from the people that actually use them.


I feel like this perspective comes from some historical mistrust of religion, which is warranted. But you can only really find that to be true in western contexts where Buddhism’s philosophies are adapted to new age self-help culture. Indeed the practice of meditation is widely applicable to many such endeavors.

Still it precludes right understanding. It is a faith to some and an experience to others. There is not one right path after all, and the belief that we know the right path while others do not is simply dukkha in the form of ignorance.

Consider historical examples of violence done in the name of Buddhism-- Myanmar’s Buddhist priests sanctioning the extermination of Rohingya; Zen Priests in targeting Nanking for a massacre so that Japan could occupy the historical religious sites related to Boddidharma. Because Buddhism is comprised of people, it has all the same downsides of people everywhere who do not always behave according to the high principles they espouse.

So yeah, you are the Buddha and we are all interconnected. That means we are interconnected though, even to the parts we don’t like.

Anywho, I’m feeling like this is kind of off topic so I’ll leave it there. Also, don’t let any of what I said disrupt your practice. Meditating is an good thing and I don’t think enough people have given it a proper try yet. You can even make patching a modular a mindful experience.


Hello Robert,

Not disruptive at all.
It’s about compassion and understanding. To not create suffering. That is the right path.
I personally don’t think there is any debate about that. You can live your life and focus on not creating suffering. I think it is a very pleasant way of living.


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One could point out that Sarasvati (on whom the MI logo is based) is Hindu, rather than Buddhist…


I have a Buddhist friend who keeps trying to convince me Buddhism isn’t a religion. She’s failed, so far, I have to say, pretty much for the reasons @RobertSyrett lists above.




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There are many kind/ schools of Buddhism! As there are many synth maker…they all promise to take you higher /make you better, but definitely what makes the difference is our mind’s direction, not the instrument/religion itself, but our approach to that.



Please tell me how you made this!


machine learning?


Ah, I think I need that software in my life.


It’s style transfer - Look up “deep dream” and you should find a site that allows you to input images for these types of results.


Tensorflow :slight_smile: