Reinstate midi split in os1.01

Hello, I’m new to both this forum and to programming.I have built my first Shruthi and have found out that the latest version has lost its midi split and this was one of the things that drew my to this instrument.I have never written code,and wondered i it would be possible to drop poly chaining and replace it with the old midi split?
I would use 0.98 but I’ve been programming sounds in the later o.s.

thanks for the help and advice.

Hi what do you want to use the midi split for? Maybe there is another way? … I’m actually not sure if reverting back to 0.98 will break your patches. It might just work.

I wanted to use the Shruthi as the bass part of my mini hardware live set up. using a microkorg as the keyboard,I have a Alesis micro that I have been using (it can transmit midi on different channels but it doesn’t really fit in luggage0.I tried to use the poly chain setting but it is a note rotating voice allocations so the sound changes on every fifth note.

I don’t think downgrading the firmware will affect the patches you’ve made- even if it does, you can change it back.

Another way would be to use a midipal. It can split the midi for you. And do a lot more too!
MI doesn’t sell them anymore but audiothingies now sells a kit.

^ shiftr beat me to it. I use a midipal for exactly this purpose when playing live. Notes below middle C go to the Shruthi, but because I play a Nord Electro which has crap midi implementation, the midipal also filters out all the stuff I don’t want, like program changes.

Was Really hoping to not add any more stuff to carry,but good to see someone is doing midi pal style thing again.I’m going to save my patches and try to install .98 wish me luck!