Recommended source for shruthi parts ordering from germany

Hi Folks,
since I got some of the last PCBs from Oliver for 4PM and 2SVF, I need to order parts. So what is your preferred source? Any vague chance to order everything from one shop to minimize shipping costs?

Thx for advice,
Jesus, one of the best and cheapest suppliers. But can’t get everything there. You’ll need another source for some parts like the v2164.

I recommend to order from Reichelt and from Mouser. You get free shipping from Mouser if you buy for 65€ ore more (all prices without VAT). They add 19% at the end of the ordering process. Mouser delivers always within 2-3 days to Germany. No trouble with customs.

You can get the V2164D at banzai music in Germany or ask here in the forum. I think rosch had some of them.

So, you can see, it’s nearly impossible to get all parts from one shop.

Thx so much foe the hint to banzai!