Recommended Power Supply in Canada?

Hi all

I finally dropped the hammer and bought a Shruthi-1 kit and an enclosure, but I forgot to order a power supply, whats the best one to use in Canada/N America? and does anyone have a link to a place to buy from



Whereabouts are you located Robert? I picked up a couple of power supplies at my local electronics surplus store, in Mississauga, Ontario.


Hi Randy , I forgot to mention that, Im in Moncton New Brunswick , Im assuming there must be an online vendor too

I ended up using power supplies that I had laying around at first. I save all of the wall warts from the various cell phones and other electronics that I’ve thrown out over the years. Something usually matches the specifications for the Shruthi. Otherwise, just search on eBay with the specifics for the Shruthi and you’re sure to find something.

Most important things to remember. 7-9VDC, minimum 300mA, 5.5mm barrel (male) center positive - ring negative. Make 100% sure the center is +. It won’t hurt the shruthi since it has a protective diode, but it wont do a danged thing. Personally, I use a guitar pedal power supply with a polarity converter adapter.

I do too, a Boss-compatible thing. I’ve been considering a 1-Spot or something like that.

Love the 1-spot. Took Herrrprofs suggestion and put the polarity before the multi adapter cable. Every point is MI Certified!


So are there any online electronics vendors that sell a good one?

You are probably going to buy a couple of Shruthis and maybe a MIDIpal, so perhaps something like this (, or this ( should work. I can’t remember how to embed links but you can copy and paste the stuff in the brackets.

the 9spots work well at home, but was a noise magnet when gigging. I am currently using:

It powers my cem shurthi1, midipal, danelectro pbj delay, dod overdrive, nord micro mod, and i have two left pins over for future projects, and so far no noise!

Noise from a 1-Spot? My son has two on his pedalboard, haven’t noticed anything excessive. We’ll need to listen a bit more carefully at the next gig.

not from the 1spot, but i think having all those devices non isolated and in a chain makes problems worse. My current apparently ahs iffy power and i was getting noise until i switched power supplies, i ran into problems at gigs from time to time with the old setup.

beware of ground loops when you’re using a linear, not well filtered / regulated power supply with a daisy chain.

I just got a bunch of 9V 1A psu’s from here and tested them using electronic load: they seem to be stable and pretty clean up to 600mAh, did not risk higher load. They work perfectly with Shruthi-1 as is, and could be used with MidiPal, however i’d use lower voltage to power MidiPal to keep voltage reg cooler.

Thanks Kvitekp, but that listing link didnt work

Try this one: , they have re-listed it.

Thanks a bunch!