Recommended adaptor for v2 Module Tester

I’m going to be building the v2 Module Tester. Can anybody recommend a power adaptor? It looks like it needs a 15v DC 1A, but how can I find one that is the correct plug size?


Sorry, I think I’ve realized that I shouldn’t be asking these questions on these forums because the module tester is_not a supported device right now.

My mistake!

This is version 2, so it does need a DC adapter (unlike v1, which needs an AC one).

This is the adaptor I ended up getting:

15V DC, 1 Amp, 2.1x5.5 plug.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the fact that the adaptor is unregulated. Do you know if this matters or will the module tester’s circuit handle the regulation?

Don’t worry there’s an onboard regulator.

One other thing I’m curious about is the length of the power adapter’s plug. The adapter I mention above is 2.1mm x 5.5mm with a length of 11mm. When shopping on the electronics dealer websites it looks like all the adapters have this same 11mm length. When I plug the adapter into the socket they aren’t completely flush with one another. Will this be a problem or will all these types of adapters fit like this?


Nope, it won’t be a problem, they’re all slightly different, the important bit is the inside/outside diameter.