Recommendations for an Analogue DIY drum machine kit

does anyone have any recommendations on DIY hardware Analogue drum machines?

I saw that the MB522 is cool, but its not a kit :frowning: and my TR505 is toast, it appears thatthe capacitors leaked all over the PCB :frowning:


another idea is to try and savage the TR505 and then maybe circuit bend it, i should post some photos of the board for you guys to see what youthink

I don’t think leaking caps will ruin a PCB? But a leaking battery will, because it’s acid. If the caps are shot though, then it shouldn’t be hard to replace them. They are cheap, so must be worth a go :slight_smile:

And there are little to no drum machine kits around. The few i’ve seen are either pretty feeble affairs, or are of the über DIY variety where you have to source every last part yourself and make your own case etc etc… If that doesn’t bother you, then 808 & 909 type clones are out there… has been doing what look like nice 909+808 clone PCBs - head over to muffwiggler DIY forum for details and info on upcoming PCBs as well as of course. Just wire up a bunch of these drum modules with a trigger/gate sequencer into a 4U rack case or some such and you’re set.

not likely to find a kit for this sort of product - I’m not aware of any (except MB808 horror stories? not sure what’s up there) although I did built the tk-09 909 ‘eurorack’ bass drum module a bit ago which came as a complete kit (which is not available anymore afaik, and it’s not a complete drum machine anyway) - drum machine is just so many parts, and someone willing to make kits for one probably has a bit of a screw loose.

Yea I posted on gearslutz and Muffs and got some nice tips but noone had really built any, I thought here might be a better bet

It seems on some sites you have to delve really deep to get what you want, others are quite easy, but available as premade only, i think there is a delptronics one ( sp) that looks intriguing .

Luap: you are right I think ill try and fix the TR505 first, the battery looks to be OK it wont turn on or power up either with onboard batteries or a wall wart :frowning: ill take some pics and start a new thread

try Delptronics LDB-1

not sure if Paul Maddox of Vaco Loco plans any more kits of hit Tron, not a drum machine per se but it is a little Midi Controller that he thought up for his 522.
I own one, nice little unit. I looked at the delphtronics too. The MB808 - horror stories indeed - sad.
No there really is not a lot out there , just the rack stuff, Analogue Solutions, Panther, MFB … even Metasonics D-1000 valve stuff.

the Tron has bee in “sold out” status on his page for more than a year and he posted in 2011 that he probably wouldn’t be doing any more Tron kits. That’s sample based though.

My bad, not sample based. It has no audio out. Its just a drum pattern midi sequencer.

Paul is presently designing/playing with other devices , and he did build it to just emulate the TR-808 style of programming for his 522. They work very well together. Even if he does not do another run of boards , the Eagle files are sitting there.
as I said , I own one , and they are great for that style of control/ on the fly pattern creation. No CC change though, I am looking at the possibility of coding that …

thre was a topic about a close topic something like 2 months ago, maybe you might find some ideas there

just found this nice kit on the dutch synth forum.

Isn’t the AMbika supposed to feature drum voice cards at some point ?
It might be worth the wait :wink:

it’s not supposed to do so, but it might at some point - don’t expect it soon
meanwhile, toneburst has produced some patches that allow you to use the ambika as a more than decent drum synth

I’ve heard rumors there will be a digital drum machine kit soon :wink:

I don’t think anyone has mentioned this Synthrotek

@fitvideo, thanks for the news about the Tron, I may have to make a buddy for my GorF

i really like my GorF, I would like a Zira, make it a threesome , but I did not have the money when Paul sold the last, however he has sourced some unobtanium to do another run when the mood takes him, in the mean time he is concentrating elswhere including the JuJu ( drum machine). I am beta testing the modular GorF XL for him…next week?

@MicMicMan thanks re. my Ambika drums. It’s only a first attempt, but it gives an idea of what’s possible. As-is though, the Ambika doesn’t make an ideal drum box. The voice architecture isn’t optimised for percussion synthesis, and more importantly, the sequencers aren’t ideal for drum-sequencing, either. Having said that, with the addition of more specialised drum voice cards, and a tweaked sequencer, at some point in the future, it could make a pretty cool drum-machine. That’s just my take on it, anyway.


That ambika patch is indeed cool, in the meantime i worked on some drum machines for my Nord G1