Reboot and reload Braids software - when not responding to 1v/oct CV in

How do i reload software? Is there a USB interface I can connect my Mac Pro to and use the Sysex app in Mac format with?

Fixed the 1v/oct in - I had accidentally set the global input to fixed 440 - Still I don’t see a USB input on the module - my setup is MacPro to Motu Midi express using USB2 - I have a 2803 MKii interface for audio. So how can I upgrade Brades firmware in the future?

I am not a hacker - just a player - I saw there is no factory reset.

Why do you want to reload the software?

Firmware installation is done by sending an audio file to the audio input. Check the “firmware update procedure” section in the user manual . I really don’t see why you would have to do that, though.

The firmware update procedure is described in the user manual
You have to connect the output of your audio interface or soundcard to the FM input of braids.
There is no USB input on Braids.

“I had accidentally set the global input to fixed 440”

If this is all that you’re looking to reset, just go back to the RANG menu setting.

Per the manual:

RANG chooses the range of the “coarse” knob. EXT. adjusts the range of this knob /- 4 octaves around the note received on the V/Oct input. Because of this, when no frequency CV signal is sent to the module (which would be the equivalent to sending a CV of 0V – corresponding to a very low note!), the coarse button will have a bias towards low frequencies, which might not always be desirable. FREE adjusts the range of the coarse knob to/- 4 octave centered around C3 (261.5 Hz). This setting is recommended when the module is used with no external signal on the V/Oct CV input. XTND (extended) provides a larger frequency range, but disables accurate V/Oct scaling as a side effect. The last option (440) locks the oscillator frequency to 440 Hz exactly – helpful for tuning another VCO.