Real Analog vs. Virtual Analog


Well the originals aren’t going to last forever and some don’t even think clones are the same, the whole through hole vs SMD purists.


So long as we never reach that dark place where companies refuse to make analog gear and tell us digital is just as good, both are wonderful. I love the quirks and distinctive character of analog, and I don’t especially see the need to replicate oscillator instability and all the other fine grain virtual analogue endeavors apart from the intrinsic enjoyment that comes from understanding something. Digital synthesis is a wonderful thing and doesn’t necessarily rely on analog modeling to sound appealing. I think Mutable’s Modules are a great proof of this.


I agree. Maybe this is a generational thing, but the more I play the more I realize that the way that people talk about quirks of analog synths on the internet most directly maps onto how I enjoy lo-fi digital sounds