Real Analog vs. Virtual Analog


you mean i need some more subtle methids to wash your brain? maybe you want to go drink some water from your tap…??


Oh noes, did evil German chemists lace my tap water with Hofmann Brausepulver™ ?
Edit: Damnit, Hofmann was Swiss…


Thank you for the waveforms. Put them in an NN-19 in Reason for a warping bassline :slight_smile:


Whenever I see people post on a forum somewhere “what’s a good cheap digital?” I always answer “a better, also cheap sampler!”

Sampling has a stigma about it in the US (and i’m sure most of the rest of the world) because of all the high profile witch-hunts against Hip-Hop artists. Granted, many of them hardly used their samplers at all and just rapped over covers of other people’s songs (the infamous Roy Orbison vs. 2 Live Crew US Supreme Court Case (Campbell v. Acuff Rose) over the Crew’s use of “Pretty Woman” for their creatively titled “Oh, Pretty Woman” song. They won the Copyright Infringement Case on grounds that parody is “Fair Use” under letter of US Copyright Law, but the question as to whether or not a song about a promiscuous big booty bitch was “obsencity”- a distinction that would allow the government to censor it! And that part of the suit was brought by the federal government intervening in the suit on their own behalf to go after 2LiveCrew! In 1994 our highest court almost stripped a hip-hop artists of their freedom of speech! IN 1994 God bless America!

The AKWP pack is indeed on the first page of the google search. That pack is labeled and organized in such a way that using it’s full folder opened in the small LCD of any sampler is useless, but free is free! Tons of fun to program a pattern in the OT, and just page through and preview hundreds of WAVs. I like the Bass lines I produce using them more than the Analog 4 (which, ironically, might be on it’s way out- but only if we don’t get polyphony in the mysterious OS update that’s coming).


Hmm all th elinks I find for the AKWP pack are links to viruses ( virii?)


@dude163: Don’t sweat, we should have a thread about these single cycle waves in a bit. I’m sure they will be posted in it. Better safe than sorry.

@RyanA4: Try programming the Analogue 4 as 4 voice drum machine before getting rid of it. Alternatively, you could program it like an NES with a triangle, saw, pulse, and noise channel. It is really more of a 4 track sequencer. Also, sample the waves with different mix/filter/sync settings before you get rid of it. We can add them to the new thread. :slight_smile:
If you don’t feel like going through all of the trouble to make them single cycles, I can do that for you from 3 - 5 second recordings of the oscillators (the length is for stability issues that can arise from very short samples). I can also loop noise seamlessly, but that works best with a 10 - 30 second sample.

Also, I remember that legal case; it was pretty odd. I don’t think any amount of litigation will stop blatant sampling like that.


You’d sell your A4 because it isn’t polyphonic?? Seems a bit strange when it wasn’t intended to be so. It would be like selling your new manual car because it isn’t an automatic. Well you knew what it had when you bought it…
Still, 4 notes of polyphony is rather feeble in my experience (I tried it already with a workaround). I can imagine that if the A4 does ever get updated to be true polyphonic, folk will discover this for themselves and end up using the feature less than they thought they would. I found note tails were forever being cut off and it quickly became annoying. I’d have thought that for a decent polyphonic experience, you need 6 or more notes. Which I imagine is why Olivier went that way for the Ambika(?).
I think the A4 is an epic synth just the way it is. That said, I know Elektron have a big firmware update planned so lets see what that brings.

Back on topic (always a challenge on this forum!)… Analog vs Virtual analog… I think it less important than some of us think. Look at the Nord Lead range. You see the things in every other studio and live set up these days for good reason. They are great as a monosynth and great as a polysynth (in my opinion, few synths do both so well). Do they sound exactly like ‘real’ analog? Maybe, maybe not… Does it really matter? Less than you think! Do they sound great anyway? Yes, yes they do.
And thats just 1 example.
I find if you can enjoy an instrument for what it actually is, rather than what you know it isn’t but somehow hoped it would be, you’ll enjoy it far more and get more mileage out of it as a result.

At the end of the day, if you got a fantastic song down, it’s no less a great song if you put it together using Reason, instead of a wall to wall analog modular monster.

In other words, get the fcuk on with it and make some bloody music :wink: It’s worth so much more than endlessly fussing over tiny sonic differences that may or may not even be there.


The sonic difference is there, just analyze a few samples through a graphic EQ of the same wave i.e. saw/square/triangle on multiple synthesizers, and they will all have a different, albeit slightly, graphic readout.
For an even more in-depth view, you could put them through something that will translate them to an additive harmonic frequency graph.

I really enjoy the maths behind sound/music.



I heard an Access virus TI Indigo yesterday , VERY aggressive and bitingly sharp , the owner asked me what I thought , I told him " Its like getting punched in teh face…by a hot chick!"


I always have the impression the virus series is a bit over eqd - or have some exciters simulations after the filter to much…


Agreed !

some techno trickery going on for sure as he didnt have any effects running on it but it sounded “manufactured” I know its virtual , but I think you know what I mean


Had a virus for 4-5 years and this is the way I remember its sound too.



No, I just don’t love it or use it as much as I do most other items I own. I spend more time tweaking vintage and DIY stuff and the Octatrack. For some reason it just lacks the immediacy of other analog synths and just lacks that “feel” you get from the great ones. Now that the price has gone up by $2-300, I expect that he update will be significant and comprehensive. Poly is just one of the things it needs.


Elektron rolls eyes and scoffs at the notion of polyphony. Don’t like em, never will. You do me proud selling it Ryan. :slight_smile:


Hi guys, one of my uni tutors just posted this in a facebook group set up for one of his modules … thought it was relevant and from what I’ve read of Nick Collins stuff before it should be a decent read. Semiconducting - Making music after the transistor.


It’s interesting that only a few years after I asked that question I bought a plugin that does exactly that. :slight_smile:


which one?


Roland’s SH-101 plugin, which I bought in September of 2016.


My take on this whole discussion is, everything, hardware or software, analog or digital, likely has something to offer-- it’s our job to find out what and make good use of it, or buy something else. So I’m all for a hybrid approach and currently have a collection of all of the above that I’ll use-- generally not all at once, but in various combinations. And as t2k seems to have discovered, if you wait long enough for that soft-emulation of a bygone piece of beloved hardware, eventually there may be someone willing to put in enough time to do it justice. And if not, there’s always eBay. And if you can’t afford that, something shiny new and cheaper will likely come along in order to distract you from it well enough to move on…