Raystar 40x2 OLED (Video)

Received a newsletter from Raystar that they finally implemented the 40x2 OLED display.
I think it’s good news for Ambika and MIDIbox seq V4 builders.

Are these still happening? I’d like one :slight_smile:

Display datasheet
Driver IC datasheet

Tempting… Have to take a look after this work thing in case it’s not a normal “behave like a HD44780 to the outside world” controller.

Nice… do you know where they sell these?

Edit: Winstar OLEDs, NOT Raystar are sold at Rapid. Damn, was too fast on the draw.

TME is one reseller of Rystar products in Europe.
This product is quite new, so they dont have it in stock.

It has the same driver as 16x2 display.
Has somebody tried the 16x2 on Shruthi etc?

Control IC is RS0010

Some Arduino sample with this driver.

fucking shit i ordered satandard one for my seq 4 build yesterday…

Don’t really know if it’s drop in replacement?
If not, then I think we need to tweak the code.

I use the 16x2 Red OLED from Winstar and the driver IC is fairly similar.

And it works with no modifications?

I have the red 16x2 OLED from Winstar too. No modification required.

Yup. It just works. I’m willing to risk it on the 40x2 Raystar once it’s easy to buy at TME or some such.

Asked Raystar and I can order from them directly. I’ll order one sample.

Ambika OLED trough dark display glass. Looks superb

Wow! hot.
How much did you pay for it?

This one piece is expensive because of shipping and taxes, but if we could make a bigger order it would cost around 35EUR.