Rapid blinking lights...then nothing


When I power on my elements, the lights rapidly blink about 5 times and the modules ceases to function. Could this be a firmware issue from a bad flash?


Looks like the module enters in firmware update mode. Maybe the PLAY pushbutton is stuck?


I am able to enter firmware update mode if I hold the play button down when I turn on the module. When I don’t do that, and just turn on the module, that’s when all the lights temporarily blink, and the module powers off.

I have attempted to update the firmware in firmware update mode, and maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I have not been successful.


When I tried to update the firmware in firmware update mode, I plugged a patch cable from my laptop headphones input into the left ext in jack. I turned the volume all the way up and ran the wav file in itunes with the blow knob at 12oclock, but did not get any LED activity like it says in the manual, and the module did not turn off when the wav file ended.


Is it a factory-made (not DIY) module?

If you bought the module new, it should have been flashed, tested and calibrated.

Quite strange… you’ll probably have to send it back to me.


It’s a DIY build so I’m on my own. Thanks though!


The fast blink indicates that the MCU cannot communicate with the audio codec.

Good luck solving this… on another forum (no support for DIY builds here).