Please excuse my rant… ahem

After waiting longer than I should to get a proper enclosure for my Anushri, I finally, FINALLY put the whole thing together, and now the Drum LED is out! sigh

Before I tear the whole thing apart again, is there anything obvious that I’m missing?

was it working before? If not you might just have inserted in the wrong way around.

So it was working, and in the new enclosure it is not ?

Might just be a case of different pressure on soldering joints that were not … ehh … that good, somehow. Putting this LED in a new case, with a slightly different position in the panel, could make it stay off.

So first try to just (birefly !) reflow the solder on that LED, with the front panel attached (just disconnect the lower PCB, nothing else).

Nothing useful to say- just ‘I feel your pain’.
Hope you get it sorted.


JUst redo all the solder joints for the LEDs. Most likely this will fix it.

Reflow the solder it will revive the LED

Thanks guys. Sometimes it’s nice just to have someone listen. :slight_smile:

I’ll reflow the solder after work tonight.

You got polyphonic listening :slight_smile:

Problem solved!

It was a short. Somehow I managed to break a trace on the PCB. It was the tiniest of scratches, but it was enough to prevent the signal from arriving at its destination. One extra wire later and we’re back in business.

Thanks again!