Random question of the day

Why is the Cwejman VCA-4MX £455? What is it made out of, Platinum? :confused:

I remember a video in which the guy explains that the modules are hand-assembled (instead of using a pick and place and reflow oven).

There is something to be said for hand made stuff, saying that, I can’t see how it is nearly the same price as two of your Braids modules!

I’m not sure that hand assembled is a selling point for an SMD board…

Indeed, something being handmade is a selling point for many things as it can affect looks, performance or allow you to have a custom design. But not in the case of a device which should be using automated production.

Especially since hand soldering is usually worse than automated reflow soldering.

Maybe they aim for a more psychological pricing. If its that expensive you think its valuable craftsmanship. Thats what a friend of mine thinks of his silver E-Class Mercedes which has - after 4 years and 6 services - 4 slightly different colored doors……

Then he might have missed the callback action from Mercedes…

This was the callback action…… actually its not a good idea to separately paint a single door (well, only the door frame as we discovered because of some broken clips and the noise the panels suddenly were emitting) with a silver metallic car :wink:

Hand-assembling a complex SMD board is like trying to build La sagrada familia from loose rocks. Sure it can be done, but why?

Paint fades, so even if you use the correct colour there’s still the fact that the paint has faded or is from a different batch.

Mercs used to have a good reputation due to the quality of engineering, that’s no longer true.

How is there talk of Mercedes and Cwejman on the same topic? Or more importantly, if Cwejman is the Mercedes of Eurorack, then what would Mutable Instruments be … ?

Mutable Instruments modules are the Nissan GTR’s of the Eurorack world, sleek, intelligent and powerful…out performing more expensive rivals in every respect…do I get a discount for saying that?

MI modules are the Bristols of the eurorack scene.

doesn’t hit it right on the spot, because MI Modules are among the most beautiful ones ever designed, a category a Nissan GTR totally fails.

lol :smiley: I got the intellignt and powerful bit right Mr fcd72!

Off topic…I just discovered the MI peaks has a hidden feature, with the noise and vocal sample, that is so cool, I can’t wait to get it now