Random Modular Jam

@pichenettes How many MI eurorack modules did you use to create the sequence on your soundcloud page (or better yet, what modules did you use?):

It’s very musical. :slight_smile: I like it!

Check the description on soundcloud! I’m reposting it here:

  • Bassline: CVpal > Dixie II > Ripples modulated by Quadra > µVCA II
  • Arpeggio: CVpal > Braids (WTBL) modulated by Quadra + Function > µVCA II > Echophon
  • Kick: Trigger from arpeggio > Grids > BD808

Setup here (I have recently split my modules in two racks, one I keep at home, and one at work for testing).

Thanks Olivier! I was clicking through the sounds on the main page, but didn’t dig deeper. D’oh!